About Steiner Education Australia

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Steiner Education Australia is the national association which currently represents 36 Steiner/Waldorf schools and 14 Associate members throughout the states and territories of Australia. Each organisation is independent, but through working together we provide a national voice to promote and support Steiner education in Australia.

The Steiner Waldorf school movement is a highly respected international educational movement with over 1020 schools in over 65 countries. There are also nearly 2000 Steiner Waldorf kindergartens, home programs, child care centres and pre schools in more than 60 countries world wide. Steiner education is future-orientated and the holistic style underpinning this unique pedagogy supports the healthy well-being of children around the world.

To uphold the philosophy and pedagogy of Steiner education, Steiner Education Australia has developed the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework, as part of a national process with member schools and has been successful in gaining recognition as an alternate curriculum framework to the Australiam Curriculum through a rigorous process with ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority). Each school is registered with their state/territory regulatory authority. To find the school nearest you, see the Members link at http://steinereducation.edu.au/about/member-schools/

SEA's Mission Statement

  • To promote nationally the educational principles of Rudolf Steiner
  • To represent member schools and their views at a political level
  • To safeguard the integrity of Steiner Education in Australia
  • To support best practice, both educationally and operationally, in member schools through the identification of needs and the provision of support services
  • To assist with planning and support in the establishment of new schools

What does SEA do?

  • Facilitates cultural exchange between member schools - delegates, meetings, conferences
  • Provides advice, support and mentoring services to Steiner schools and individual teachers
  • Facilitates the provision of consultancy services across a range of educational, financial and management issues
  • Communicates to the wider community - educational, governmental and the media - the principles of Steiner education
  • Encourages and supports the professional development of teachers - conferences
  • Provides access to educational matters of general interest to all schools
  • Keeps members updated on Government policy and legislative changes
  • Represents the views of the members on common educational issues at governmental level
  • Supports the development of new initiatives
  • Assists with provision of educational resources - translations of publications from overseas and bringing together of resources within Australia
  • Acts as a monitoring body
  • Develop and maintain the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework

Steiner Education Australia has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federation of Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Schools in New Zealand, as well as honorary membership with the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education who regularly invite us to join their conferences and meetings.

If you are interested in the global Steiner/Waldorf school movement, please go to our links page, where we have provided contact information about Steiner/Waldorf education in the UK, Europe, North America and New Zealand.

Steiner Education Australia is an incorporated body registered in South Australia and also an Australian Registered body with the Australian Securities Commission - ABN 082 942 541.