About Steiner Education Australia

Steiner Education Australia is the not for profit national association and peak body representing  51 Steiner schools and 16 Associate members throughout the states and territories of Australia. Each organisation is independent, with Steiner Education Australia providing a national voice to promote and support Steiner education across the country.

Steiner Schools in Australia

Steiner schools have been operating in Australia since 1957. Steiner-based streams have been introduced to several state schools in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. Steiner schools represent the largest aligned group of non-denominational, independent schools in Australia. 

Each school is registered with their state/territory regulatory authority.

Core Principles

The Core Principles affirm the values and practices in Steiner education which unite all member schools in Australia.

Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework (ASCF)

To uphold the integrity of our education, Steiner Education Australia has developed the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework (ASCF) which covers curriculum content and methods in all subjects from Foundation to Year 10.

The ASCF is recognised by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) as an approved alternate curriculum meeting the requirements of ACARA’s Australian Curriculum Version 9 (see ACARA website). This approval means the ASCF educational outcomes are recognised as equivalent to those of the Australian Curriculum V9 in all subjects. A number of equivalence points are measured at different stages in different subjects, with the key equivalence points of the end of primary (Year 6) and Year 10 common to all subjects.

Our Purpose

To enable a Steiner education accessible to all within a core social renewal ethos. 


Steiner Education Australia supports, advocates, promotes and represents the free and healthy development of Steiner education in contemporary, diverse contexts.


Steiner Education Australia values: responsibility, collaboration, inclusivity, diversity, initiative, respect for the spiritual nature of the human being and the developmental stages of children and young people and creative and contemporary expressions of Rudolf Steiner’s work.


To promote, represent, advocate for and support Steiner education in Australia.

Leadership and Governance

Steiner Education Australia is a not-for-profit company. Governance is provided by a Board comprising directors elected by member schools. The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board and leads the SEA office team in delivering the day to day operations and the Strategic Plan 2023-26.

Andrew Hill

Chief Executive Officer

Carly Sheard

Director - Samford Valley Steiner School, Queensland

Hallie Fernandez

Treasurer - Mumbulla School for Rudolf Steiner Education, NSW

Liam Waterford

Board Chair - Mount Barker Waldorf School, South Australia

Gabby Brennan

Director - Freshwater Creek Steiner School, Victoria

Bruce Lee

Director - Perth Waldorf School, Western Australia


Nicki Radford

Business and Events Manager

Peggy Day

Education Officer

Airlie McConnell

Finance and Projects Officer

Steiner Education Australia is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (ACN 617 276 098), an Australian Registered body with the Australian Securities Commission – ABN 082 942 541.

Equity Statement

Steiner Education Australia endorses diversity, supports equal rights, and rejects all forms of discrimination including, but not limited to discrimination based on race, religion, age, national origin, language, gender, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition or injury.

We believe we have a responsibility to do our utmost to address all forms of discrimination in our own workplace, and in our work with schools and school communities. Any effort to exclude or disparage specific groups of people, including through unconscious action, is contrary to the fundamental ethos of Steiner education.

Racism is one form of discrimination and SEA acknowledges the injustice and discrimination experienced by First Nations Peoples, people from diverse cultures and people of diverse ethnic backgrounds in Australia and around the world. SEA commits to opposing racism in all forms through our understandings, our values and our actions.

SEA Anti-Racism Statement

Following the framework of Reconciliation Australia, we express our statement in terms of the whole human being.

HEAD (Understandings)

Our education embraces and honours all peoples and cultures, particularly Australia’s First Nations heritage, and considers all human beings to be free and equal in dignity and human rights. While acknowledging that the foundation of our education stands on Rudolf Steiner’s work, Steiner Education Australia works out of an approach of equity and strongly rejects any historical statements from which inferences of racial prejudice may be made.

HEART (Values)

We support the inherent human value of the free and responsible individual, independent of racial, family and other cultural ties. We acknowledge that judgements about behaviour must be about individual behaviour, not based on the individual’s membership of a group of people, whether racial, gendered, relational or cultural.

HANDS (Actions)

All Steiner/Waldorf educational establishments are social and cultural safe havens for everyone. Our school communities are formed by committed individuals who practise tolerance and support diversity to ensure there are no instances of discrimination based on race or personal identity.

  • Steiner Education Australia rejects all forms of racism.
  • No employee, Board member or community member should experience racism within the Steiner Education Australia work environment or its projects within school environments.
  • Racism has a particular impact on Aboriginal people and may take forms that are distinct from other types of racism. An environment of cultural safety must be provided for all Aboriginal advisors, Aboriginal staff in Steiner schools and community members. Aboriginal Education advisors and officers assist schools to incorporate the cultural contexts, values and practices of local Aboriginal communities into the mainstream delivery of education.
  • Eradicating expressions of racism and challenging the attitudes that allow them to emerge is the shared responsibility of all Steiner Education Australia employees and Board members through:
  • Recognizing and respecting Aboriginal peoples as the First Peoples of Australia
  • Embracing the value and benefits of the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity
  • Challenging prejudiced attitudes and ensuring that racist behaviours and systems that deny equitable access to educational opportunity are strongly countered.
  • All Steiner Education Australia employees and Board members are required to have Anti-Racism training.
  • Steiner Education Australia consults with advisors who assist staff to access anti-racism education and address incidents of racism.