High School Curriculum

It's good you're here
A day in a Steiner high school classroom begins with a warm, individual acknowledgement for each student. Guardians (Pastoral Care teachers) meet with students and gather their classes to begin the day as a community.
Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework
Specialist teachers deliver the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework throughout each school day: the curriculum is recognised as equivalent to the Australian Curriculum V9 up to Year 10. In NSW and Victoria the ASCF is mediated through state syllabus requirements. Schools may deliver Years 11 and 12 in a variety of ways depending on school choice and local state registration requirements.
Main Lesson
Main Lessons in academic subjects take the class through to morning break: for more on this inspired learning program in High School see Main Lesson page.
For the rest of the day following the morning break, students undertake a series of specialist lessons in the weekly timetable that cover all subjects of the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework and state education requirements: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Economics and Business, Visual Arts, Music, Languages, Drama, Civics and Citizenship, Digital and Design Technologies, Health and PE, plus Sport and electives.
Seasonal, local and cultural festivals
The school year is punctuated with seasonal, local and cultural festivals to which students contribute with their own developing performance skills. First Nations content and perspectives may be integrated through local elders, stories and site visits.
Concerts, exhibitions, class projects and theatre performances
Concerts, exhibitions, class projects and theatre performances may be part of the students’ experience. It’s a year of rich, fulfilled learning and exploration of the deeper questions of life and the world.
Outdoor education
High School Outdoor Education takes the students on trips in wilderness settings that are physically challenging and emotionally uplifting. Students are supported to go beyond their comfort zone and stretch to new levels of resilience.