SEA 2022 Leadership Development Program

SEA 2022 Leadership Development Program

‘To have continued opportunity to discuss leadership issues, challenges and strategy with a close knit, trusted group and a wonderful facilitator was an oasis in the storm’.

‘This is one of the most rewarding and enriching courses I have participated in as a leader’

The results gathered from the Leadership Circle profile have been a very valuable tool for self-reflection. This, coupled with the connections made with other leaders and the mentor, create a wonderful framework for personal and professional growth.

SEA is once again pleased to offer our Leadership Development Program in 2022. This is our 3rd year of delivering the program and the feedback from participants continues to be very positive, as indicated in the participant testimonials above. 

Following feedback from the 2020 and 2021 participants, the program has been refined to ensure an even more responsive, contemporary leadership program, facilitated experienced Steiner leaders with a deep understanding of the Steiner school context and its underlying ethos and philosophy. We are thrilled that once again Libbi Turner and Kelley McGlashan will lead the program supported by Kerry Azar from The Leadership Circle. 

The course begins in February 2022 and runs until October 2022 is for people in leadership roles in SEA member schools, including Principals (or equivalent), Deputies, Assistant Principals, College Chairs, faculty coordinators, and/or individuals identified in a school’s succession planning/aspiring to leadership positions. 


Leadership in Australian Steiner/Waldorf schools continues to be a significant challenge particularly with increasing expectations of school leaders in contemporary society. Results of the 2018 SEA National Market Research survey continue to provide context and relevance to our constraints and opportunities. The recent UNSW research presented at the August 2021 Delegates’ meeting (available in the SEA Members’ area) on leadership in Steiner schools also provides reinforcement of the following: 

  • teaching is clearly the attraction within our schools and there is a shortage of people who are drawn to leadership roles;
  • there is a national shortage of people sufficiently experienced, trained, skilled, and prepared to take on formal leadership roles in Steiner schools;
  • recognising the importance of leadership and the training and support that school leaders need to be successful has been a difficult culture change for some schools;
  • identifying and preparing emerging educational leaders within schools is often not a priority;
  • School Boards and Councils, Principals, and Colleges are increasingly aware of their responsibility to ensure that their school complies with the complex educational, financial, and legislative requirements of registration, as well as maintaining a healthy enrolment and an engaged school community, and the burden these expectations place on school leaders.

There is a double load for Steiner school leaders: Steiner education and Steiner schools foster both individual and societal development and transformation. Therefore our ways of working together are a core part of education itself. This is a key challenge for leaders in straddling both broader government compliance frameworks for both governance and operations and Steiner-based ideals for a future we collectively co-create. This can place a substantial emotional load on school leaders. 

The Leadership Circle program 

To help support leadership development, SEA has built a solid partnership with The Leadership Circle to facilitate training and coaching for school leaders. 

The Leadership Circle is an international organisation that has developed a 360-degree profile for leaders and emerging leaders which identifies a leader’s underlying belief systems and how they affect behaviour. The Leadership Circle Profile can give the Steiner school leader a clear picture of how they can become more effective in their role within their own Steiner school context. More detail is available at

A number of SEA Professional Partners and Steiner school leaders have completed the training to offer these 360-degree profiles and provide follow-up coaching. They have been impressed by the accuracy and usefulness of the profile and how its foundations and methodology align with the values of Steiner education and believe it is a highly effective program for leaders in our schools. 

In 2022, SEA is expanding the program to include: 

  • An introductory Zoom session includes outlining the course in detail 
  • A Leadership Circle 360-degree Profile including three 90-minute individual debriefing sessions to discuss the results of the profile and to set goals. The Leadership Circle profile would need to be completed by mid-February 2021. 
  • Five 90-minute coaching/collaboration sessions in a small group held monthly and facilitated by a Leadership Circle trained and experienced SEA Professional Partner. These monthly sessions would occur from April – August (inclusive). Participants will receive a resource booklet as part of the program, which includes targeted readings and activities as part of a cohesive, developmental program approach, to support rich reflection
  • 3 months access to the Leadership Circle Mini Check-In platform after the group coaching finishes ensuring the ongoing sustainability of growth and development 

The cost of this package for each participant for this 9-month course will be approximately $2,850 + GST. We have been able to offer this program at a reduced cost thanks to the support and sponsorship from The Leadership Circle. 

Note: All de-briefing and coaching sessions will be conducted online. In the unlikely event that any travel by the participant or facilitator is required the school will be responsible for these costs. Further individual coaching can also be arranged with the agreement of the school leader and Board Chair but are not part of this proposal. 

Optional Extra (but highly recommended) 2-day Leadership Intensive 

In 2022, at an additional cost of approximately $600, we are offering a 2-day Leadership Development intensive on 7 & 8 July, 2022 at Noosa in QLD, which is open to current and past participants of the program. The focus will be on Collective Leading for Teaching and Learning: fostering teacher research, deepening understandings of Steiner pedagogy, child study, and curriculum research, development, and review of assessment practices. 

Next steps

If you would like to participate it is important that you are able to commit all aspects of the program as outlined above. The 2-day intensive is optional but highly recommended.  2021 participants found that sticking to the requirements, even in such difficult COVID times, reaped significant benefits.

Please email [email protected] your name, school, contact details, and current role of the participant by 2nd  November 2020. We will let successful participants know as soon as possible after this date. To help school budgetary considerations, payment can occur in either 2021 or 2022.

You do not need to indicate whether you are participating in the 2 day intensive at this stage. 

I am excited to hear from you! The evidence-informed SEA Steiner-based leadership development program is a rigorous, and meaningful leadership development program. It helps build individual and collective leadership capacity to support Steiner school communities to grow, evolve, and meet challenges proactively and creatively.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Warm regards

Dr Virginia Moller
Chief Executive Officer

01 Feb 2022 - 31 Oct 2022
VENUE: Online