2021 Governance, Leadership and Management Seminar Series

2021 Governance, Leadership and Management Seminar Series


This seminar series is for staff and board/council members of SEA Member schools and organisations and will be delivered via Zoom.

You will need to book in advance to attend the sessions, and places are limited to 100 people per Zoom session.

There is no cost to Board members and staff from SEA Member schools and organisations to attend these sessions.

Steiner Education and Restorative Practice


with Dr Shelley Davidow

Wednesday 24 February
4:30-6pm (NSW time)
via Zoom

Grant Writing – tips to support schools’ grant-seeking journey

with Louise Hadfield

Wednesday 24 March
4:30-6pm (NSW time)
via Zoom

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Every journey starts with an intention. This workshop is intended to provide practical tips to guide schools seeking grant funding. The challenge for most schools is identifying grant opportunities. It can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task endlessly searching.

In this seminar, Louise Hadfield will give an overview of where to look and share some specific examples of grants. By the end of our seminar the outcomes will include; practical details of how to find, develop and submit grant proposals, along with some resources to support schools on their own grant funding journeys.

Louise Hadfield is a Steiner mum and counselling coach with over 12 years of experience. She has worked with academics, businesses and individuals seeking grant funding to transform their project ideas into realities. Most recently, she worked with RDA Southern Inland to initiate their grant support process for local businesses. During which, she developed processes to identify and advertise grants and supported 12 businesses and/or organisations to apply for over $450,000.

Strategic Planning Part 1:

Enlivening, dynamic and impactful: one school’s experience of a research-based, emergent approach

with Dr Julia Wolfson and Cath Lanigan

Wednesday 28 April
4:30-6pm (NSW time)
via Zoom

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In 2020, in the midst of the Covid lockdown, Dandenong Ranges Steiner School launched into a process to create a five-year strategic plan. The environment meant that a non-traditional approach was required and what ensued was a research-based model which provided deep and rich findings, surfaced patterns that needed addressing along the way, and the result was a clear and exciting direction plan for the school with surprising and immediate impact.

Dr Julia Wolfson of Turning Forward was the Project Facilitator, and Dandenong Ranges Steiner School Business Manager Cath Lanigan was the Project Lead and co-facilitated the plan with Julia. The process resulted in a strategic plan model that could be reproduced in other Steiner schools.  In this workshop, Julia and Cath will talk about the experience at Dandenong Ranges Steiner School with plenty of time available for questions, comments and reflections.

Dr Julia Wolfson is a leadership coach and facilitator working internationally in education and care. She lives in Canberra on Ngunnawal land. Julia is a guest faculty member at the Rudolf Steiner University College in Oslo, Norway.

Cath Lanigan After a career in journalism and publishing, Cath led the establishment of Wild Cherry School and Kindergarten in Victoria and was the Administration Leader at the school for five years. She joined Dandenong Ranges Steiner School more than two years ago as Business Manager.

Strategic Planning Part 2:

Using financial data to inform your strategic plan

with John Somerset

Wednesday 5 May 
4:30-6pm (NSW time)
via Zoom

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Communication strategies

Building an individualised school narrative

This session looks at how individual schools can leverage the research undertaken by SEA and the newly developed Steiner Principles to create a group and individualised narratives.

How then do you turn this into workable plans for implementation to build and protect reputation?

with Tracey Cain, Australian Public Affairs

Over the past 25 years, Tracey has advised the non-government schools sector on a range of public affairs matters from reputation building and protection through to critical incident management. During this time she has worked with hundreds of independent schools and schools associations, working regularly with Principals, Chairs and Boards.

Her background is in journalism including time in the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery, followed by time as a media advisor for an Education Minister, and also as an advisor in the White House in the USA.

She has worked as an in-house Director of Communications for a leading Australian corporate law firm, and was the founding CEO of an Aged Care Foundation.

Wednesday 26 May
4:30-6pm (NSW time)
via Zoom

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The benefits to Steiner schools of well-managed polarities

with Murray Hopkins

Wednesday 9 June 
4:30-6pm (NSW time)
via Zoom

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There is an untapped resource hidden within the fabric of most organisations and Steiner Schools are no exception. The resource is a well-managed polarity. When a polarity is not recognised it cannot be managed and will often cause difficulties within an organisation. On the other hand, a well-managed polarity will not only avoid organisational strife, it will also yield many benefits. A polarity is a dynamic process with no resolution – that is its magic. Unfortunately, the symptoms of an unrecognised polarity are usually addressed as a “problem to be solved” so consequently they remain a chronic source of conflict and pain.

In this practical 1 1/2-hour Zoom session we will:

  • learn how to tell the difference between a “problem to be solved” and a polarity
  • explore some polarities we live inside – and that live inside us
  • understand the benefits that can accrue from managing a polarity
  • identify a few common polarities present in organisations including Steiner Schools
  • learn how to map and leverage the upsides of both poles while minimising the downsides of both poles
  • identify the early warning signs of an over emphasis on one pole over another

Murray Hopkins has been working to develop organisations in the public and private sectors for the past few decades. He has been involved with Steiner Education since the 1980’s having held numerous positions including more than a decade as a board member of Kindlehill Steiner School.  In 2020 he co-delivered the SEA Mastering Difficult Conversations Workshops.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions about the seminar series.

The Steiner Education Australia 2021 Governance Leadership and Management Seminar Series is sponsored by NGS Super

24 Feb 2021 - 09 Jun 2021