2022 SEA Business Managers’ Meeting and Governance, Leadership and Management Conference (GLaM)

Steiner Education Australia presents the:

SEA 2022 Business Managers’ Meeting 

Thursday 5 May, 2022

Governance, Leadership and Management Conference 2022

Friday 6 and Saturday 7 May, 2022

Online via Hopin

 Leading for sustainability

After a two year break, we are delighted that the 13th Annual SEA Governance Leadership and Management (GLaM) Conference will be held online on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 May, 2022. The GLaM conference will be preceded by the SEA 2022 Business Managers’ Meeting on Thursday 5 May, 2022. This year’s theme is Leading for Sustainability. 
We are pleased to present the program for the conference, with a variety of informative, and engaging keynote addresses and workshops on the theme. SEA invites school board, council members, school leadership teams, anyone interested in leadership, business managers and finance staff to participate in this wonderful program. 
For the full program, click here.
2022 Business Managers’ Meeting – Thursday 5 May, 2022
  • Financial sustainability for schools: Key levers for Business Managers – Jack Stevens, CEO Edstart
  • Sustaining Wellbeing for the Business Manager in Tough Times – Cath Lanigan, Dandenong Ranges Steiner School
  • How personal sentiment influences demand dynamics for the economy and the sustainability of schools – Dean Pearson Head of Behavioural Economics NAB, Biljana Nikolova General Manager (Executive), Government, Education and Community Business, Damien Hoffman Director, Government, Education and Community Business
  • Business Managers’ Forum – Facilitated by Steve Klipin, Armidale Waldorf School
Governance, Leadership and Management Conference 2022

Keynote address Friday 6 May, 2022

Tom Brunzell: Trauma-Informed Integral Leadership: Supporting and sustaining Steiner schools through times of great need
The impacts of childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences can have devastating consequences on students’ learning and wellbeing. Pairing this alongside the negative and vicarious impacts of secondary traumatic stress on teachers,  Colleges, staff and positional leaders, efforts towards whole school change are complex endeavours. The extant literature from trauma-informed practice for school leadership provides useful frameworks for leaders, no matter how leadership manifests in Steiner schools, to understand their guiding roles within trauma-affected communities. However, trauma-informed practices require further enquiry and better integration with systems-aware perspectives. A systems-aware approach to school leadership positions leaders within the dynamic systems in which their schools are embedded. It helps leaders to navigate the networked patterns of relationships within their communities. Given the impacts of adverse childhood experiences, devastating natural events, and ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many complex factors that now require systems-aware perspectives to address compounding systemic concerns. In order to contribute to the advancement of both trauma-informed school leadership and systems-aware school leadership, this session introduces Berry Street Victoria’s research with school leaders and a new practice framework for a trauma-informed integral response to benefit whole communities.
Tom Brunzell – Biography

Dr Tom Brunzell (MST, EdM, PhD) has experience as a teacher, school leader, researcher and education advisor in New York City and Melbourne. Currently he is the Director of Education at Berry Street. Tom presents internationally on topics of transforming school cultures, high expectations for differentiated instruction, trauma-informed practice, wellbeing and the application of positive psychology, and effective school leadership. His research at the University of Melbourne Centre of Positive Psychology investigates trauma-aware pedagogy, positive psychology, positive education and their impacts on workplace meaning.

Keynote address Saturday 7 May, 2022

Jennifer Gidley: Beyond sustainability to regeneration: meeting global challenges with love, life, wisdom and voice
We are at a critical point today in human history as we face the Grand Global Futures Challenges. We are called to empower our young people to imagine, design and create regenerative, equitable, and wise futures for all. In my Keynote I reveal that the time for sustainability is past. Why sustain a broken system? Now is the time when no less is required of us than to redesign all our systems on a pathway to regeneration. We need to regenerate our ecological systems, our socio-cultural systems and our geo-political systems.
Jennifer Gidley – Biography

Jennifer M. Gidley, PhD, is an internationally renowned psychologist, educator, and futures researcher, and Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS, Sydney. She is a global thought leader and advocate for human-centred futures in an era of hi-tech hype and hubris.

Jennifer founded and pioneered a Rudolf Steiner school in rural NSW (1984-94), was Consultant Research Advisor to the Australian Steiner Curriculum Project, and an academic researcher at four Australian Universities (1995-2012). She now speaks and consults in Europe/UK, Middle East, SE Asia, and USA. Former President of the World Futures Studies Federation (2009-2017), UNESCO and UN partner and global peak body for futures studies, Jennifer led a network of world leading futures researchers from over 60 countries.

Jennifer has published over fifty academic papers and three books: The Future: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford, 2017), Postformal Education: A Philosophy for Complex Futures (Springer, 2016), and The Secret to Growing Brilliant Children: Steiner Education for the 21st Century (Bear Books, 2020). All her research and writing is deeply inspired by Anthroposophy.

Workshop program

Day 1

  • Tom Brunzell: Strategies to shift staff form a reactive to proactive mindset: trauma-informed strategies in action
  • Dom Meli: Ethical decision making in an unscrupulous world – how leaders can still make ethical decisions
  • Barbara Fisher: The special relationship
  • Shelley Davidow: Leading for restorative practice
  • John Forman: Playing the long game (A Board game)
  • Libbi Turner: Beyond HR… considerations for recruitment of school leaders
  • Cathie Burgess: Leading for listening: why Aboriginal voices matter
  • Forum: What does College look like? With a panel from Samford Valley Steiner School, Dandenong Ranges Steiner School, Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School and Perth Waldorf School, facilitated by Lisa Devine

Day 2

  • Jennifer Gidley: Understanding grand global futures challenges
  • Neil Boland: Diversity and inclusion in Steiner setting: part of the problem or part of the solution?
  • Lisa Devine: Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Tracey Taylor: Parent Engagement
  • Jennifer Gidley: Meeting challenges with Love, Life, Wisdom and Voice
  • Joan Weir and Mercedes Logan: Anthroposophy within a Board context
  • Mark Baxter: Master planning for sustainability

The GLaM conference this year will be held online via Hopin.


Business Managers’ Meeting Thursday 5 May, 2022SEA Members – $30 + GST
 Non-Members – $50 + GST
Governance Leadership and Management Conference 6 & 7 May, 2022SEA Members  – $150 + GST
 Non-Members – $200 + GST
Business Managers Meeting and GLaM Conference 5, 6 & 7 May, 2022SEA Members – $165 + GST
 Non Members – $235 + GST


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05 May 2022 - 07 May 2022
VENUE: Online via Hopin