Biodynamic Regenerative Agriculture Workshop

Biodynamic Regenerative Agriculture Workshop

2 & 3 December at Warrah Farm in Dural

Join Sydney Rudolf Steiner College for an exploration into the holistic and regenerative practices of Biodynamic Agriculture with Sandra Frain.

The workshops are designed to assist teachers and parents in learning about Biodynamic methods and, importantly, how to meaningfully bring these domestic arts to children of all ages. Packed with in-depth insight and practical demonstrations for teachers and parents, with plenty of take-home goodies for the home and garden.

The December workshop will be a study on Summer, featuring a tour with Warrah’s Biodynamic farmers. We’ll be learning about cover cropping (sunflowers and clover) and biodynamic preparations for the Summer season, with a free festive family day on Sunday.

$200 (incl. GST)

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02 Dec 2023 - 03 Dec 2023
VENUE: Warrah Farm, Dural NSW