Developmental Approaches to Assessment in Steiner Education

Developmental Approaches to Assessment in Steiner Education

with Matthew Cunnane

This course is comprised of 5 workshops between 27 April and 20 July, 2022. It is intended for all teachers within Steiner education and will comprise both online sessions and some activities to be completed between sessions.

The objective of the course is to generate knowledge and skills around pedagogically appropriate formative assessment methods and methodologies for use in your day-to-day teaching practices. The course draws on current thinking in assessment practices and the pedagogical values and principles within Steiner Waldorf Education

Matthew Cunnane has over 20 years of experience in Steiner education. He has worked as a class teacher and a secondary teacher as well as in school leadership. Matthew has a Master of Education from the University of Melbourne specialising assessment and pedagogy and is currently pursuing his PhD in creative practices in education through RMIT.

Cost: $250 + GST for SEA Members

Each session will run from 3.30 – 5.30pm (NSW Time)

Course Content:
Session 1: 27 April, 2022
Assessment values and practices: In this session we will explore the current orthodoxy around assessment and the extent to which Steiner education pedagogy and philosophy can be leveraged to support an approach to assessment that suits your teaching and learning practices. We will focus on developing the groundwork for placing assessment as a core component of your day-to-day teaching and explore how we can link it to the ASCF.

Session 2: 18 May, 2022
Learning progressions as a developmental model: In this session we will examine the ideas associated with a developmental model of education and how these are reflected in Steiner Education pedagogy. We will dive into translating developmental models into scaffolds for growing our understanding of our students and explore how they can be used to support our planning through assessment for teaching.

Session 3: 8 June, 2022
Learning progressions in action: In this session we will focus on generating and reflecting on progressions for use in your classrooms. This session will build on the previous session to support your skills and practices for planning for formative assessments.

Session 4: 29 June, 2022
Creating guides for assessment: Session 4 reintroduces the ideas of guides for making judgements that focus on development processes rather than just products. This session explores the key components to be considered when considering developmental assessment practices. We will investigate several devices that can be used in the classroom to support formative assessment.

Session 5: 20 July, 2022
Guides for assessment: In this final session we will return to guides for assessment. Our focus will be on making guides that are adapted to your classroom by drawing on the knowledge and experiences created in the previous sessions.

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27 Apr 2022 - 20 Jul 2022
VENUE: Online