Glenaeon Class Teacher Intensives 2022

January Class Teacher Intensives 2022- January 17th to 22nd

Glenaeon School and the Pedagogical Section in Australia 

Listening to the Call of the Spirit in our Times

In Service of the Children and our Future


Supporting teachers who are inwardly attuned and awake to the opportunities each day to lead the children and older students towards the future that the world awaits.

Remotely via Zoom with some state hubs.

Days 1 & 2 Michaela Glockler  – What is the process of the touch points of the ego in Child Development at 3, 6 and 9, 12 and 15/16  years of age?

Discussion with tutors – How does this help us understand the curriculum at each age?

Day 3 Lisa Devine- How does our true will enter the world?

Frank Agrama and the young people working in Elderberries Cafe and Circles Culture in the USA will share their projects like Street Medics and Brightmoor Makers to inspire us to create possibilities as extensions of our communities.

Day 4 & 5   Dr Adam Blanning – Understanding Deeper Developmental Needs.

Holistic Approaches for Challenging Behaviours in Children.


We have NESA Accreditation

5 Hours of lectures NESA accredited $100

8 Core Curriculum/Main Lesson Sessions per year group (NESA accredited)- (English, History, Maths, Geography and Science interwoven- a few tutorials will include recorded segments followed by live discussion and Q & A)- $200

3 Support Sessions– (NESA accredited) 1 Drawing/Painting per year group, 1 learning support per year and one handcrafts per year –$100

Total Cost $400

Please contact Peggy Day with enquiries. [email protected]


Please click here for more information: Class Teacher Curriculum Intensives January 17th 2022

17 Jan 2022 - 22 Jan 2022
VENUE: Online via Zoom