Introduction to Restorative Practice in Steiner schools: relationships are the heart of the matter

Introduction to Restorative Practice in Steiner schools: relationships are the heart of the matter

with Dr Shelley Davidow

When: Wednesday 8 November, 2023 – 2pm – 4pm AEST (1pm – 3pm QLD Time; 11am – 1pm WA Time).

Where: online via Zoom – please note this seminar will be delivered in person and will not be available as a recording.

Cost: $25 + GST per person

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A three-fold approach to creating optimum work and classroom environments.

This 2-hour seminar empowers teachers and staff to use a newfound understanding of stress and the role it plays when dealing with challenging situations. Combined with a low-stress (restorative) approach and drawing on a threefold paradigm, the session will:

  • Assist teachers to create restorative classroom practice to support a harmonious learning environment.
  • Support colleagues to manage challenging situations in a way that allows for respectful relationship to flourish.

The introductory seminar explores the neurocardiology behind ‘high coherence’, and combined with the restorative approach, equips participants with the skills to engage in building healthy respectful communities. The practical and supportive ideas are inspired by a three-fold paradigm: individuals engage with thinking, feeling and will when issues arise.

Steiner schools base their days on an intrinsic ‘breathing rhythm’, and this workshop demonstrates how a restorative, heart-focused approach can support this breathing rhythm and the autonomic nervous system for optimum physical, emotional and cognitive flourishing of individuals in their communities.

For teachers, the seminar aligns with Australian Professional Standards for Teachers focus areas and descriptors 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4.

The course facilitator, Dr Shelley Davidow is a senior lecturer in the School of Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast and an award-winning international author. Her 48 books include ‘Raising Stress-Proof Kids’. She runs the Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD, and is a trained facilitator in Restorative Practice and Heartmath Coach and Mentor. She has been a keynote presenter at several national Steiner Education Conferences.

Drawing on her 20 years of experience as a primary and high school teacher in Waldorf/Steiner schools in the USA and Australia, on her experience as a facilitator of Restorative Practice and as a researcher during her Masters with the Institute of HeartMath in California, Shelley looks at practical and empowering tools that can enable teachers to sustain themselves, prevent burnout, and create optimum learning environments that support the children who are in their classrooms.

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08 Nov 2023
VENUE: Online