Marketing and Brand group training with Mezzanine

Group training is an opportunity for all schools to build understanding of the Steiner education communications framework and content, and how to apply it at a school level. It will build the knowledge and capacity of staff members who are leading school communications and marketing internally to improve effectiveness and outcomes.

Group training topics include, but are not limited to:

Clarity on your school’s identity, reputation and messaging

Schools can contribute to the positive perception of Steiner education in Australia, and reinforce the broader strategic work of SEA through aligned principles and narrative. Clarity on the individual brand of your school will enable your school to understand how your unique strengths connect with your local audience to build your reputation, attract quality staff and enrolments.

Review and optimise your school’s digital presence

When parents are actively looking for schools or education alternatives, the majority of their information gathering is online. Your school website, content, and visibility online, is therefore key in capturing your audience. Ensuring your school content is regular, and is reinforcing the right perception and communicating the unique strengths of your school is important.

Optimising the enrolment journey

There is potential to increase enrolment enquiries and conversions by considering how current and future enrolment marketing collateral and tools can be geared towards assisting families as they move through the enrolment journey.

Enhance the lived brand experience

Brand advocacy/ word of mouth is your greatest asset for attracting aligned families and there is opportunity to strengthen advocacy for Steiner Education by continuing to improve the ongoing experience for current students and parents.

Reskinning or restructuring your website to serve brand building & strategic goals

Steiner school websites can better serve Steiner Education from a brand reputation and brand awareness/ growth perspective. By better understanding the user journey, building a user-friendly content structure, and integrating brand-enriching content, your school can have a much more effective, engaging and useful website.

Reporting setup and ongoing optimisation

The key to an effective online environment is to keep it relevant for your audience. This means ongoing evaluation and tracking the performance of all your content, including both inbound and promotional content. Clear reporting can be setup across all your digital platforms to track growth and engagement, and enable ongoing optimisation to reach your goals.

How the training will be organised:

Group training is organised as one session per month, over 6 months, for a total of 6 sessions: October 2023 – April 2024 (no training in January).  Each session will be 1.5 hours long and will be delivered online. All sessions will be recorded and will be available for registered participants to view online after the live session. Schools will also have access to additional tools and resources online including brand and audience insights reports, survey responses and ongoing tools to support your school brand development, communications and marketing.

Schools who are interested in the group training must commit to the full 6 months schedule in advance.

Time schedule:

1.00 – 2.30pm AEDT

Session 1: Wednesday 11 October 2023

Session 2: Wednesday 15 November 2023

Session 3: Wednesday 6 December, 2023

Session 4: Wednesday 14 February, 2024

Session 5: Wednesday 13 March 2024

Session 6: Wednesday 3  April, 2024


$250 + GST per school, per session for up to 2 people from the same school. The full 6 month commitment must be made in advance ($1,500 + GST total).

Additional participants from a school already registered are $125+GST pp.


To register for the Group Training, click here:  Register


11 Oct 2023 - 03 Apr 2024
VENUE: Online
COST: $1500+GST