New Curative Course starting in Vietnam – open to all Asia-Pacific Countries

 New Curative Course starting in Vietnam

Open to all Asia-Pacific countries.

Dates:            April 17-28th 2023
Place:            HoChiMinh City, Vietnam
Cost:              US$625
Content:       Child Development, 

The Development of Games during Childhood.

Introduction to Child Study.  

Daily Eurythmy

Registration: [email protected]

Courses will be held twice a year and will include practical therapeutic exercises and applications, as well as at least one therapeutic placement.

9 Modules in Total.


The aim of this course is to meet the needs of teachers, kindergarten teachers, other professionals, as well as parents and carers,  who are struggling to understand the behaviours and needs of children with additional learning challenges in their care.

The curriculum offers a course in the fundamental concepts, approaches and attitudes of curative education to support teachers and other professionals in their work. 

The aims of this course are

  • to create a foundation for practical work with children who have additional learning needs based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner’s curative education
  • to offer knowledge and insight through the theoretical framework of Anthroposophy, as a basis for practical work
  • to engender enthusiasm for the therapeutic aspects of education
  • to awaken empathy for the destiny of the children with special needs and their families
  • to introduce some complementary mainstream approaches
  • to help establish a basis for curative education in Vietnam

This course has its foundations in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. The  focus of the course is primarily on presenting the foundation concepts and applying these to the practice of curative education. This includes:

  • daily exercise sessions, rich in practical examples of therapeutic exercises and interventions;
  • regular open Child Study sessions, which are structured toward observation, the applications of the concepts of 3- and 4-folding of the human being, and implementing therapeutic interventions;
  • ongoing encouragement for students to put their learning into practice: volunteering and becoming involved with children in their homes, in schools, kindergartens and special schools.

Teaching Format

The training is based on a participatory approach that enables students to form their own ideas and understandings. Our focus is on developing self-directed learning as far as possible by using group work, learning journals and active discussion, as well as a traditional lecture format.

Each course will have a daily lecture plus discussion session in the morning

An artistic activity and practice session every afternoon, ending with a short Q and A session. 

Integral to each course will be a Child Study: this is an in-depth presentation and discussion of an individual child with additional and developmental needs together with the parents.

Course  Content

  1. Introduction to Anthroposophic concepts and Child Development
  2. The 12 Senses
  3. Autism/ASD and ADHD
  4. Curative Diagnostics
  5. Speech and Language
  6. Health and Illness, Embryology, Life processes, Cardinal organs
  7. Curative Curriculum and classroom Practicum
  8. Classroom related Difficulties
  9. Biography and ethics 

Course 1. April 17th -28th 2023

The content of this course is designed to lay the foundations for an understanding of anthroposophical knowledge concerning the evolving human being, as the basis for gaining insights into the principles of curative education. 

Foundational Concepts: Beginning with foundational concepts of the 3-fold and 4-fold approach to the human being we will then present an overview of the cyclical nature of earthly and spiritual existence. 

Child development: This will be followed by a detailed description of human development, offering insights into the patterns, irregularities and eccentricities of human development in the modern world;  Phases of childhood; relationships between the specific stages of developments and phases of childhood; the referencing of aspects of early childhood development with developmental difficulties later on. 

Artistic Activity:  Eurythmy

Child Study: Demonstration of taking a case history, observational techniques and therapeutic interventions will be presented and discussed. Child study is a tool for child observation and meeting the needs of specific children. It is also a forum for the practice of ethics and professionalism.

Journalling discussions and peer-led study:  Each day will end with a discussion on journalling and specific student-based questions.

17 Apr 2023 - 28 Apr 2023
VENUE: Ho Chi Min City Vietnam