Position Description

This Position Description is a guide only and is not intended to be an exhaustive or exclusive list of the duties attached to this position. The Position Description is subject to review and modification by the Sophia Mundi School Board of Directors, in response to the strategic direction of the School, and the development of the skills and knowledge of the position.

JOB TITLEPrincipal
HOURS OF WORKFull time, ongoing position

Monday to Friday with start and finish times fluctuating around 8.00am to 4.00pm.

This position will not maintain a teaching position

SCHOOLSophia Mundi Steiner School

St Mary’s Building, Abbotsford Convent

1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067

REMUNERATIONA Remuneration package commensurate with the experience and knowledge of the applicant.
REPORTS TOSchool Board of Directors
ROLE SUMMARYThe Principal is appointed by the School Board of Directors and is directly responsible to the Board and its Chairperson.  The Principal is required to lead the School by upholding the school vision and core values within the principles underpinning Steiner education.


The Principal will work with all key stakeholders to ensure delivery of the school strategic plan. They will manage the school in accordance with appropriate pedagogical, educational, financial, and administrative governance standards. Specific attention will be paid to educational pathway enrichment and student academic outcomes.

LEADERSHIPThe Principal:

  • Will be responsible for promoting a child safe environment within the whole School, providing up to date child safety training to the whole School annually, ensuring that the Child Safety and Mandatory Reporting Policies are followed, and that children, parents and staff feel comfortable raising concerns.
  • Is required to exercise due diligence with respect to the School’s occupational health and safety systems and performance.
  • Will promote an understanding of Steiner education philosophies across the whole school community but especially with the students and staff within the school.
  • Will provide pedagogical leadership across the whole school.
  • Will serve on the school’s main committees and attend key meetings.
  • Implements, monitors, and reports on the strategic directions and initiatives throughout the school.
  • Works cooperatively with the Educational Leadership Team and provide leadership across a range of issues.
  • Ensures the pastoral care of the school community and the maintenance of a supportive and collaborative atmosphere within the School and the broader community.
  • Ensures the proper conduct, management and leadership of the whole School, under the general oversight and guidance of the Board.
  • Controls the internal organisation of the School and its day to day operations and affairs.
  • Ensures the educational programs including curricular and co-curricular activities are reviewed, developed and implemented.
  • Keeps themselves informed of educational, political, economic and social trends likely to affect the School.
STUDENTSThe Principal:

·         Is responsible for and has effective control of the enrolment and retention of pupils at the School.

·         Leads the development of the School’s offering in light of the dynamic community context and changing labour market needs to ensure that students have the capacity, passion and freedom to excel in their chosen fields of endeavour.

·         Ensures an environment conducive to high quality learning is maintained at all times, so that students can fulfil their academic potential.

·         Together with the school management team, has oversight of Behaviour Management and disciplinary matters with students.


·         Oversees the selection, appointment, and management of all staff.

·         Has oversight to ensure a College of Teachers is in place and functioning effectively.

·         Has oversight to ensure a Staff Wellbeing program is in place and functioning effectively.

·         Has oversight of the staffing needs for each school year, in close consultation with the School Management Team.


·         Has oversight of the Professional Development Strategy and its implementation for all staff at the School.

·         Leads the development of strong teacher connections with the local and global community of Steiner Schools and the broader education community.


  • Leads the School Management Team.
  • Has oversight of the educational accreditation processes for the School with the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority (VRQA).
  • Is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of appropriate risk management systems and controls, including appropriate financial management systems.
  • Is to report on the affairs of the School to the Board as is reasonable, or as the Board may reasonably request, and to generally keep the Board fully informed of all developments relevant or material to the school’s affairs as are within the scope of the principal’s duties and responsibilities.
  • Is to include in any reports made to the Board educational developments and other matters to which the Board’s attention should be drawn and any recommendations which the principal believes are necessary in the school’s interest.
  • Is responsible for the management of the whole School and is the recognised channel of communication between the Board and the School’s staff.
KEY RELATIONSHIPS·         Chairperson and Members of the School Board

·         Business and Administration Leadership Team

·         Enrolments Officer

·         Education Leadership Team

·         Abbotsford Convent Foundation

·         Steiner Education Australia

·         Independent Schools Victoria

·         International Baccalaureate Organisation

·         Parents and Friends Community Group

·         School Community

Sophia Mundi Steiner School
17 June 2024
Fereshteh Zamani