2019 Sydney Rudolf Steiner College Students Graduate

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Sydney Rudolf Steiner College Certificate of Rudolf Steiner Education students have graduated this week.  And so with some sadness and pride, this week the College have been distributing accreditation awards for their graduating students. These students, who’ve studied by distance, have been part of College life for several years. They’ve studied twelve modules including: Introduction to Anthroposophy, Introduction to Steiner Education, Inner Development, The Study of Life Phases, Goethean Science, the Evolution of Human Consciousness plus lovely creative subjects such as music, painting and drawing, eurythmy, speech and drama. It’s a very whole and fulsome two year program, largely done by distance and through attending 4 busy intensives.

When asked, one of the graduates summed up her time with Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, she kindly wrote…

“I am reflecting back upon the completion of my ‘Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education’, DE03, to the first weeks of starting the Foundations course DEO2. How I rang my coordinator in distress saying I did not think I could continue. I was only a few weeks in, and, as still a breast-feeding mum, my “baby-brain” was not coping! How lucky I was that my course supervisor advised me not to rush ahead in the readings too far and to take it one step at a time. I did. And finally I’ve finished!

The nature of the study in the Certificate DE03 course that followed on from DE02 allowed me to digest the material well and invest in its completion at a pace that suited my lifestyle, raising two young children in conjunct with it.

During my ‘Diploma of Education’ (that I also am now studying), I was asked to define what, for me, made a “good teacher” ? . I replied: “One whose anchor of thought for any content taught lives in the question: “How does the learning of this help me and the student know more about what it means to be human?”

The study I did at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College taught me that we can only teach well and with authenticity by way of gaining a true understanding of how content is linked to the ‘motivation to know ourselves’ in connection to our own humanity, as that lives in us through the study of history, geography, literature, music, art, science and even maths. From such a source of devotional inquiry springs inspiration, without which the subject matter is not a living expression.

These studies, have also centred my parenting in confidence, aligning my actions with an intuitive perception and providing me with reassurance in observing and responding compassionately to the unfolding of my children’s development through their primary years. It is hard to over-estimate the value of this in my life, as it has enriched my enjoyment of my family. I feel blessed to have been on a journey of self-development as a teacher and as a person through this study. It has been a deeply humbling experience – and one, which I am very grateful to have been given, as it has been a life-changing opportunity”.  Lynn

Thank you Lynn and the College wishes you and all the Certificate students graduating in May 2019 all the very best in your future endeavours.

For more information about Steiner teacher training, professional development and learning opportunities please see the information on the SEA website.

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