A vision for a new kind of school in Caloundra

A vision for a new kind of school in Caloundra

The Sunshine Coast Council voiced their support for the Caloundra Steiner School Association Inc. to get a Steiner School opened in Caloundra as soon as possible. 

Rachel Madden, the inaugural Chairperson of the Association and brain behind the initiative said council’s support is vital for the school to get off the ground.

“It’s our vision to open a Steiner school right here in Caloundra, and we’re hoping to do so, as soon as possible.” Rachel said.

“Gaining council support to have the school in the region is a vital step towards achieving this goal. Whilst there’s work to be done, Cr Dwyer is supportive of the proposal, and offered us some great advice.”

The Association was formed in March where educators, parents and passionate community members all stepped forward to volunteer their time and expertise in pursuit of creating a Steiner school in Caloundra. 

“We’re dedicated to creating a Steiner School for Caloundra as we believe that Steiner education is a pedagogy that nurtures the heart and soul of the child while optimising their capacity for academic growth. 

“We’ve found our perfect venue and our next milestone is to work with council and change the building’s designation from a sports and recreation-use venue to one used for education. The ‘material change of use’ will see us move one step closer to opening the school next year,” said Rachel.

Opening a school requires a significant amount of financial backing, and the association is currently fundraising to support the initial set-up costs. 

“We need a significant amount of money to get our school off the ground. 

“While we’re applying for grant funding and philanthropic donations – which all take time – what we really need right now is donations from the community. 

“We need to raise funds to help us cover immediate costs, such as fees for a town planner and for surveys. These are all immediate costs that we face just to secure the venue and set up the school. 

“If people want to donate, even the smallest amount makes a difference, we have a campaign on gofundme.com/caloundra-steiner-school. 

“Opening our Caloundra Steiner School – and everything that goes along with it – is a massive task. I’m certain that we’ll achieve our vision as we have a whole community of passionate and talented people supporting us,” said Rachel.

For more information on the Caloundra Steiner School go to www.caloundrasteinerschool.com or search for Caloundra Steiner School initiative on Facebook.

Rachel Madden
E: [email protected]
T: 0416 939 276