Bush Kindy at Perth Waldorf School

The establishment of a Bush Kindy at Perth Waldorf School means that we are building the resources and expertise to add to our outdoor repertoire of programmes. Although not a set part of our Kindy Programme as yet we enjoying offering this experience to our Kindy 5 and 6 Students from time to time. Immersing the children in nature whilst feeling the rhythm of the land and learning new skills.

The children are thoroughly enjoying their time making mud pies, collecting sticks for fire wood, climbing trees and sitting by the fire sharing a beautifully prepared warm meal lovingly cooked by our Early Childhood Staff on these cooler autumn days.

The sturdy high quality tents are an asset for now and the future, and will surely play a role in many a school event over the coming years.

The radiant faces on the teachers and the students as they return each afternoon speaks of the joy it has brought. Such a big thank you to all who have assisted this initiative. Wonderful it is to witness and be part of the magic of team spirit.