Cairns Hinterland Steiner School: 2022 Outdoor Education program

Cairns Hinterland Steiner School

2022 Outdoor Education program

Mark Mather has been appointed as Cairns Hinterland’s high school Outdoor Education Coordinator. Mark is bringing rigour and structure to the school’s camps, developing risk matrixes and assessments to ensure this crucial component of the Steiner curriculum can be delivered safely and to a high standard. As a result, the 2022 Outdoor Education programme has expanded with 10 camps being planned for Class 8 upwards this year.

In the small emerging high school, such a busy Outdoor Education programme would not be possible without the support of Samford Valley Steiner School who is allowing the small Cairns cohorts to join camps across their high school year levels, bringing richness and social diversity to our students. Samford Valley Class 9 students will also visit our region in Term 3 to see the area’s geomorphology and Mansfield Steiner students are coming in term 2 to build boats with our Class 10s.

Relationships between Steiner schools are vital to CHSS’ ability to deliver a quality and authentic Steiner high school curriculum and are the vehicle for all emerging Steiner high schools to tap into the network of established schools and experienced Steiner high school teachers. These partnerships will make it possible to grow Steiner high schools across Australia for the betterment of the whole Steiner educational movement.

Thank you to our supporting schools and networks and we look forward to working with you all in 2022.