Cairns Hinterland Steiner School expands to deliver class 9 and 10

Cairns Hinterland Steiner School expands to deliver class 9 and 10

We are excited to announce that after a year of consolidating the high school, Cairns Hinterland Steiner School (CHSS) is delivering Class 9 & 10 in 2021! The composite 9/10 students are a mix of last year’s Class 8s, returning Class 10s and new students. The planned curriculum for the year is rich and diverse with highlights like a 3 week agricultural camp (C9) and boat building (C10).

In May 2020, Cairns Hinterland engaged Tim Dunn, ex Samford Valley High School Director, to make recommendations to reinvigorate and grow the high school to Class 12. Throughout 2020, Tim worked with the Board, the Executive Management Team, and the High School Faculty to support this growth and mentor our High School teachers in their development as Steiner high school teachers.

Cairns Hinterland has formed a supportive relationship with Samford Valley Steiner School (SVSS) with visits planned between both schools; the first being in term 1 when the CHSS Class 10 students will join the SVSS Class 10 Surveying Main Lesson for the month of March. This includes class-time at SVSS and a two week camp surveying a Queensland Museum fossil site with the view to producing a millimetre accurate map of the site to continue the Museum’s research.

In addition, this year CHSS, will be delivering the first year of the NZ Certificate of Steiner Education (CSE) for Class 10 which is a Queensland endorsed secondary schooling education, moderated by the Steiner Education Development Trust (SEDT) based in New Zealand. Samford Valley and Noosa Pengari Steiner Schools have been delivering the CSE for several years.

Another exciting aspect of the High School’s renewal is the building of a new classroom for the Class 9/10s due to be finished mid-March plus a dedicated Computer Lab and Well-Being consulting space. The School is also in the process of a Master Planning process for the whole school which will support the further expansion of the high school into the future.

CHSS plans to deliver the next year level, each year, with the first Class 12 graduates completing their Certificate of Steiner Education in 2023!