Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School: New Mural

Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School

New Mural

Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School has a wonderful new Mural on the side of the Hall near the entrance to the school.  This mural has been 2 years in the making. Claire Sleeman, High School Visual Arts and Science Teacher, has worked tirelessly and had many obstacles in her way to secure artist Kaitlyn Clark, who is an Arakwal First Nations Person.

Kaitlyn did a wonderful Welcome to country in language and some teachers described her talking to the students as the most meaningful stories they have heard. Kaitlyn talked of significant and sacred sites around the Byron Shire and talked of her family and connection to Cabbage Tree Island mission where a lot of her family lived.

Painting the Mural was a busy but beautiful two days where Claire coordinated as many students as possible to participate in painting the mural. The design of the mural represents the merging of the land and the ocean. The large carpet python represents the totem of Kaitlyn’s great grandfather, the dolphin represents the ancestors of the Arakwal women. The central organic lines and dots are the river systems that flow through this land. The sun is the energy force for all life and the horseshoe shapes are people sitting on the Earth.

A huge acknowledgement to Claire for all her hard work to get this project off the ground.

Below is a time-lapse video of the making of the mural.