Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School: Reconciliation Action Plan

Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School

Reconciliation Action Plan endorsed by Narragunnawali

Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School has now had their Reconciliation Action Plan published with the official RAP website called Narragunnawali. Narragunnawali (pronounced narra-gunna-wally) is a word from the language of the Ngunnawal people, Traditional Owners of the land on which Reconciliation Australia’s Canberra office is located, meaning alive, wellbeing, coming together and peace.

With input from the Arakwal Corporation, the Parent Body, Teachers and Students we have created a Vision statement below for our school. The RAP working group met numerous times in Term 2 and discussed the direction and actions we plan to take as a school working towards reconciliation.

It has been great to have additional members join the group from the parent body with Poppy Walker and from the student body with Pearl Andrews bringing some great ideas and enthusiasm to the working group. Pearl has been busy engaging with the SRC (Student Representative Council) and the Year 12 students to create an amazing sign that will bring awareness of the sacred land our school inhabits.

Some of the action points we are working towards as a school are; engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the classroom, embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures into the curriculum, Cultural Competence for Staff to build and extend knowledge and understanding, reconciliation projects, celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander significant events, build relationships with Community, Acknowledgement of Country, visibly demonstrate Respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures, care for Country, action against Racism, inclusive policies and celebrating our RAP progress. This can all be found in our published CBRSS Poster below.

CBRSS Vision Statement

Our vision is to create and nurture our special place of learning, with care, so that all people can develop understanding and respect for the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, identities, culture and histories.

We proudly respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as descendants of the oldest continuing culture on earth and we celebrate their continuing inspiring wisdom, influence and connection to Country, agriculture, architecture, the arts and society, as we strive to live and walk together on our learning journey towards a more equal and respectful future.

In this place, on land, under sky and by the sea, we will always embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories, perspectives and histories to form an essential stream that naturally merges with our Steiner Education approach, whereby we teach and learn much through story-telling.

With guidance and in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, we will respectfully and continuously learn of Country and Culture; so that our young people will move into the wider world with a deep knowing of what has been, what is, and what is needed for a healthy and respectful humanity, and will influence and advocate for true reconciliation into the future.