Castlemaine Steiner School: Class 4 Distance Learning

Castlemaine Steiner School: Class 4 learning at home

The first week of Distance Learning has been full of Zoom meetings, messages, emails and phone calls, with everyone (including me) working out the best way to do this.
It has been wonderful seeing all my budding Vikings in our meetings during the week. Although there is quite a bit of work provided, they are each developing a timetable that works for them and their family, knowing that they don’t have to get through it all. Having a daily checklist enables the children to see where there may be some gaps in what they are doing, which they can focus on in the next week. As the week has progressed, many are becoming quite proficient at independently planning their day. I really love that they are becoming responsible for their own learning, with guidance from their family and myself.
I’ve been getting lots of pictures of the way the class have been spending their time and it is great to see that they are varying their learning. Our current Main Lesson is Norse Mythology, hearing stories of the creation of the world and the Viking gods.
Cheers Cathy