Central Coast Steiner School: Naplan results

Central Coast Steiner School: Naplan results

The Central Coast Steiner School ranked fourth in local secondary schools 2019 NAPLAN results.  This is a wonderful achievement, as Virginia Moller explains below.  We have also reproduced an article from the Central Coast Express Advocate on the results.

Measures of success 

It is wonderful to see Central Coast Steiner School and students recognised for their achievements in NAPLAN.

As Principal Rosemary Michalowski states pleasing academic results come from attention to targeted support needs in early primary within a carefully scaffolded program. Of course, schools need to do all they can to support students meeting and exceeding standards in literacy and numeracy.

This also needs to be contextualised within a clear and cohesive understanding of the broader purposes of education, otherwise NAPLAN scores become the definition, not an indicator of success.

As Rosemary emphasises, one of the main purposes in Steiner education is developing an engagement in and love of learning. This is through giving equal weight to the academic, arts, practical life skills and social/emotional learning.

Curriculum content, cognitive development and skill building are approached through pictorial and imaginative presentation embodying narrative, creative writing, visual arts, music, drama and movement. Fostering the feeling life enables students to live into, and engage more fully with the academic material, promoting deep learning. It is this ‘head, heart, hands’ learning which is the central tenet of Steiner education. Students become capable and enthusiastic writers and readers, proficient in mathematics, agile in problem solving and creative thinkers across all fields.

All Steiner schools comply with federal and state regulatory requirements, including participation in NAPLAN. Steiner educators acknowledge the role of standardised tests, but place standardised tests in the context of a much bigger picture of a young person’s development. Steiner educators work extensively on developing the whole individual in all three aspects – head, heart, hands, but educators are certainly pleased when the rigour of the primary and high school academic curriculum demonstrates such fruits as these pleasing NAPLAN results.

Virginia Moller

CEO Steiner Education Australia

Central Coast Express Advocate

NAPLAN results Central Coast: How high schools ranked

Richard Noone, Central Coast Express Advocate 

May 1, 2020 

The 2019 NAPLAN test results are in. How did your school rank compared with all other Central Coast high schools?

Private schools dominated the best performing Central Coast secondary schools, according to the latest NAPLAN data, with just the selective public Gosford High School in the top 10.

Gosford High ranked first on the coast and 21st across NSW with the rest of the top 10 local schools being private or Christian schools.

The surprise bolter was Central Coast Steiner School, which ranked fourth locally and 148th across NSW.

Principal Rosemary Michalowski said the results were from literacy and numeracy learning programs they introduced in 2013 based on the Steiner method and other “best practice” education models.

“I know it’s borne fruit,” she said.

The small school has about 285 students with one class per year.

Ms Michalowski said in primary years the teacher stayed with the same class as the students progressed from Years 1-6.

“I think the main changes were, really in the early years, identifying students who needed support and employing highly trained teachers to give them extra attention,” she said.

“Any issues they had were dealt with in the first couple of years.”

Central Coast Steiner School finished with an average score of 586.0 points — just 0.3 points behind Green Point Christian College at 586.3.

The Steiner’s primary students ranked 18th against other primary schools across the region while Green Point’s primary students ranked fourth locally.

Ms Michalowski said her school analysed and used the NAPLAN results but was “philosophically” against “teaching to the test”.

Instead she said the school’s calm learning environment fostered a “love of learning”.

List of where all secondary schools placed in terms of NAPLAN results on the Central Coast, its average score and in brackets where the school placed in NSW:

1/. Gosford High School: 654 (21)

2/. Central Coast Grammar School: 606.9 (61)

3/. Green Point Christian College: 586.3 (146)

4/. Central Coast Steiner School: 586 (148)

5/. St Philip’s Christian College – Gosford: 574.2 (222)

6/. Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School: 570.8 (249)

7/. Central Coast Adventist School: 567.9 (278)

8/. St Joseph’s Catholic College: 565.7 (304)

9/. Wyong Christian Community School: 565 (314)

10/. St Peter’s Catholic College: 560.2 (354)

11/. Kincumber High School: 560 (356)

12/. Henry Kendall High School: 559.7 (362)

13/. St Edward’s Christian Brothers’ College: 559.4 (363)

14/. Terrigal High School: 558.3 (371)

15/. MacKillop Catholic College: 554.3 (403)

16/. St Brigid’s Catholic College: 546.6 (457)

17/. Central Coast Sports College: 546.5 (459)

18/. Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College Berkeley Vale Campus: 540.8 (499)

19/. Lisarow High School: 540.5 (501)

20/. Erina High School: 540.1 (504)

21/. Brisbane Water Secondary College Umina Campus: 539.4 (512)

22/. Narara Valley High School: 538.9 (518)

23/. Kariong Mountains High School: 537.4 (528)

24/. Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College Tumbi Umbi Campus: 537.3 (529)

25/. Gorokan High School: 533.9 (562)

26/. Wadalba Community School: 528.6 (613)

27/. ET Australia Secondary College: 523.3(647)

28/. Wyong High School: 523.1 (648)

29/. Northlakes High School: 516 (693)

30/. Lake Munmorah High School: 504.3 (737)