Central Coast Steiner School: Tara Chau’s book ‘Rise of the Xavia’ to be published

Central Coast Steiner School

Tara Chau’s book ‘Rise of the Xavia’ to be published this month

Congratulations Tara! Tara is currently in Year 10 at Central Coast Steiner School and has been a student there since Kindergarten. Her first novel “Rise of the Xavia” is due to be published later this month. At just 15 years of age, her first novel is an epic 221,000 words. “Rise of the Xavia” follows the story of the heroine, Dianna, who traverses two worlds, the mundane and the magical. Through all the twists and turns, the heroine must decide which world is worth fighting for.

Motivated by a love of writing and a desire to improve her spelling, Tara started her writing journey in Class 5. After trying multiple genres, Tara was inspired by fellow writer and friend, Merlin, to start writing what was to become her first published novel.

Tara takes inspiration from the people around her, interesting conversations and everyday life. She writes on topics she’s passionate about and would like to read herself. Tara is currently working on her next book, which will be the sequel to “Rise of the Xavia” and will form part of the trilogy.

Tara believes that to create your own destiny, you need to back yourself and have no regrets. Her message to other aspiring authors is to “take a chance” and follow your dreams.