Central Coast Steiner School: Highly Commended Teacher Aide award

Central Coast Steiner School

ATA 2023 Australian Teacher Aide of the Year Awards: Highly Commended

Sharon Everson, Head of Secondary School Learning Support at Central Coast Steiner School NSW, has been Highly Commended in the 2023 Australian Teacher Aide of the Year Awards.

Sharon liaises with teachers to differentiate instruction and assessment strategies, implement appropriate adjustments, and coach students to successful completion of assessment tasks.

Sharon demonstrates an intelligent and insightful approach to understanding and supporting complex students’ needs, drawing on evidence-based practices to implement creative and diverse adjustments, and coaching students to overcome mindset hurdles.

Principal Rosemary Michalowski said that Sharon’s support has meant that students who may otherwise have experienced a sense of failure instead experienced themselves as successful and capable learners. Over the last 16 years, hundreds of students have benefited meaningfully from her assistance.

Congratulations Sharon!

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