Class 11 Community Service at Samford Valley Steiner School

As part of the Class 11 curriculum at Samford Valley Steiner School, students are required to undertake 50 hours of voluntary community service in areas such as charity organisations, child care, aged care, community based organisations etc. These hours are to be done in their own time and on top of their schoolwork.

This year the students participated in a wide variety of community services including Samford Arts Show, Charity walks, Riding for the Disabled, Foodbank Queensland and the Samford Community Library to name a few.  The school often receive feedback on the students’ participation in their chosen programs and how well they provide a good service for the community. This year the school have received very warm feedback from the Samford Community Library regarding one of the students, Breagh Gregory. She has also been mentioned in the local newspaper, The Samford Village Pump.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to thank you for allowing our community library to be a host for one of your Year Eleven students, Breagh Gregory, when completing her volunteer work commitment. Your school’s program is a great boon to the community, especially struggling service organizations like ours.

If the quality and work ethic of all your students are as high as those of Breagh, then the future of our world is in good hands. Breagh met every challenge we set for her, including helping us move and re-establish our library at Richards Road, mounting displays and writing a Village Pump article for us. She worked hard and untiringly among a group of mostly senior citizens, mixing seamlessly and always smiling. She brought a life light with her every time she worked. She was punctual and conscientious, a joy to have in our team. We were very privileged to have her.

We thank you and your teachers for facilitating such a wonderful program and hope that our Breagh and the rest of your students got as much out of it as we did.

Yours Sincerely,
Julie Martin
Community Library Samford

Needless to say, we are all very proud of Breagh and her contributions to the Community Library.