Dandenong Ranges Steiner School: Remote music lessons

Dandenong Ranges Steiner School

Remote music lessons


Our instrumental students have continued their musical journey online despite the stage 4 restrictions here in Victoria. It has been a challenging journey with frozen screens and delayed sound, but our teachers and children have all adapted well and the technology also appears to be improving. One of our Music Teachers, Judy said, “I personally have been pleasantly surprised at how capable and independent our students have become and we are grateful to their parents for supporting the children at home. Many students including some in class 3 have managed to tune their own instruments (using the pegs) with our instruction! I feel I have had to become more creative and flexible in some ways and so too have the children.”

Our Music Teachers Hiro, Ida and Judy were pleased that class 5&6 children had the opportunity to be part of an incursion with members of the MSO last week. Sebastian, one of the class 5 students said, “It was amazing that 3 performers could make so much sound!” Caitlyn from Class 6 participated fully clapping the beats and dancing!

The MSO musicians performed part of Beethoven’s 9th symphony Ode to Joy which both class 5&6 have or are presently working on! Thanks to MSO for keeping music alive.