Digital Technology in Steiner Schools

Digital Technology in Steiner Schools

Have you ever wondered how and where digital technology fits into the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework?  

The introduction of digital technology in the Steiner curriculum is deliberate and purposeful.  Steiner education has always had a considered and graduated approach to the use of digital technology in the classroom. Digital technologies are shaping our world; we want our children to master but not be shaped by them; for us, it is a question of when to introduce digital technologies not whether to introduce them. Students need to see digital technology as a support to facilitate human creativity but not to replace it.

This short film provides a clear explanation of the place of digital technology in Steiner education.

If you are interested in more information on this topic, the SEA National Teachers’ Conference coming up in July has a workshop with Corey Flynn: How does the Steiner curriculum work creatively in unplugged ways in primary school to scaffold and develop the skills needed for digital technology in the high school?

For more info on the conference, click here: SEA National Teachers’ Conference 2023