Double Streaming at Samford Valley Steiner School

Double Streaming at Samford Valley Steiner School

The impulse for social renewal lies at the heart of our mission at SVSS.  The Board and College have a shared commitment to ensure this education is available for all who seek it in South East Qld.  It is from this vision that the possibility of an ongoing double stream at SVSS arose.

The question of double streaming at SVSS has been under consideration in the school’s strategic planning processes and infrastructure master plan for several years. Last year College made a recommendation that double streaming commence in 2018. College’s consideration of this proposal covered a broad spectrum of questions; both practical and philosophical.  Discussions were had with other double streamed Steiner Schools and College was satisfied that double streaming will have many positive impacts including:  increased inflow of community energy, opportunity for teachers in ‘sister classes’ to collaborate, potential for further program offerings as a result of increased revenue, larger social pools for our adolescents.  A fully double-streamed school remains within the realms of a comparatively small school and College is committed to maintaining our school focus on creating a culture of warmth in which meaningful relationship is at the centre should double streaming be progressed.

This year the Board and School Management further considered the financial, infrastructure and human resource requirements. After due diligence to ensure this potential school growth will enhance the experience of all current and future children and families, the Board have made the decision to proceed with ongoing double streaming at SVSS.

Building will commence soon on a new Early Childhood building, with two Kindy rooms. This will enable us to take additional Pre-Prep and Prep children in 2019. The exact configuration of these groups will be determined over the next month.

There are many practical details to be discussed and discovered as we unfold this initiative and I am sure it will not be without challenges.  However this is an exciting future-oriented step in the life of the school and the community providing further opportunity to offer Steiner Education to all those who seek it in South East Queensland.