Exploring Home and Hearth at Perth Waldorf School

Last term, class 3 at Perth Waldorf School were asked to ‘dwell’ upon their main lesson called – Home and Hearth.

Students commenced with pondering on the words, house and home, and how would they put into words their feelings about these two words? The class came up with many ideas and feelings, as you can well imagine, in fact it filled one side of the blackboard. Here are just a few of their idea’s:

Home – Our Mother’s body, the earth, heaven, in the stars, feeling like self, belonging, safe, music, laughing, quiet, being outdoors, kindness and comfort.
House – Materials, walls, floor, bricks, building, glass, door, shelter, yard.

This conversation kindled the classes first foray into poetry writing and a sense for being at home in the world.

The main lesson carried class three students along into the human need for shelter, warmth and a place to rest. It took them to Ancient times, from Indigenous and Nomadic people, to the early settlers. Journeying from the desert, to the tropics.

As students moved further into the main lesson, they were fortunate enough to have a guest sculpturer – art teacher Lesley Cotter who came in for the morning, to guide the class in their building of an igloo out of clay.