Eyre Peninsula Waldorf School Initiative update

Eyre Peninsula Waldorf School Initiative update

The Eyre Peninsula Waldorf School Initiative is working towards opening our school doors in Port Lincoln, SA in 2024. The initiative has worked tirelessly for almost 5 years in order to provide alternative education to the Eyre Peninsula Community. 

As a board, we have identified four main pillars that will see us open our school doors. They are: registration documentation, funding, finding our first teacher/s and school site.We are keeping these themes at the forefront of our minds in all the activities we participate in and decisions we make. 

The very exciting news for us, is we are part way through the registration documentation and have found a school site for next year! The next step is to apply to have the location approved as an education institution through council. We are making incredible progress and hope this will continue. 

Another huge step in our journey is the conversations we are having with potential teachers. This is a wonderful and fulfilling step, as it is the heart of why we are working so hard. The teaching staff will be another exciting and important part in our school puzzle. 

One area we continue to find challenging is the funding required in order to remain financially viable until the government recurrent funding commences. Preliminary budget assessments confirm we require a minimum of approximately $75,000 in order to open our doors and remain financially viable. We are working on a number of ways we can obtain this funding; through fundraising activities, financial pledges and donations and we are hoping with positive, tangible steps in the right direction we will encourage financial support from those who are able to contribute. 

We continue to lease the block on which we will build our forever school and the development application continues to evolve alongside the school opening. We will open the school doors offsite, build the community and our funds and then build on our land once we are able. The block is still wounded by the fires that tore our space apart in February, however there are signs of regrowth and strength among the sadness. With fire brings rebirth and it is no different for our beautiful future school block. 

We currently hold a MGM (monthly general meeting) in the hopes we keep our community engaged and informed. We then write a blog on the information discussed and post it on our website. This has been a wonderful way in which to keep people up to date with the forever changing landscape that is this initiative! 

There are a number of ways to keep informed of our progress and we would love to have you along on the journey! 

Website: www.epwaldorf.com.au 

Socials: FaceBook – Eyre Peninsula Waldorf School Initiative Instagram – epwaldorf 

Or send me an email to join our mailing list [email protected] 

Thank you for taking an interest and reading our update! 

Renee Perchard