Freshwater Creek Steiner School: Flood with Love appeal

Autumn Festival at FWCSS

‘Flood with Love’

In the lead up to Freshwater Creek Steiner School’s Autumn Festival – the festival when we give thanks for the abundance of the Earth – we in Victoria were acutely aware of the challenges being faced by those experiencing extreme floods in the northern Australian states.

Flood with love brainstorming session

The children at FWCSS felt moved to do something.  How could they help?

At a whole-school assembly, the children lit up with ideas:

“Draw pictures about happy things”

“Write letters to classes at other Steiner Schools in the flooded areas”

“Ask people for donations to help”

“Send a big boat”

We decided on a name for our project: “Flood with Love”.


Shaking down the coins in the ‘coin pipe’

In the last weeks of Term 1, inspired by the children’s enthusiasm, the whole school community threw themselves into the task with gusto.  Families sent loose change along for our ‘Flood with Love’ coin pipe, a long clear pipe that we fed coins into, wondering if we could fill the pipe to the same ’depth’ as that of the flood waters; letters were written; colourful gifts of bunting were crocheted; pictures were drawn; a fresh produce stall popped up; and a raffle was held. 

All money collected was donated to the flood appeal via, and gifts were carefully bundled and sent with love, to sister classes at Rainbow Ridge Steiner School.

The ‘coin pipe’ fundraising


“Gratitude is a bridge from one human soul and heart to another.  We learn it through giving.”


A bundle of letters for students at Rainbow Ridge School in Northern NSW