Freshwater Creek Steiner School: Orienteering program

Freshwater Creek Steiner School

Orienteering program

For the past 4 weeks, Class 4-6 children at Freshwater Creek Steiner School have participated in an Orienteering program on Wednesday afternoons, conducted by Luke Haines of Orienteering Victoria, and made possible by a Sporting Schools Australia grant. This is the second year that the school has been lucky enough to welcome Luke to the school, and they extend a big thank you to him, for bringing such a great program to FWCSS.

Orienteering is part treasure hunt, part amazing race. It is as much a mental activity as a physical one. Some of the skills students learned include reading maps and map symbols, orientating the map using cardinal points/NESW, and route choice. The program concluded with an orienteering line course around the school – the race was on, and it was fast and fun!