Ghilgai Steiner School: ‘The Joy of Being Me’

Ghilagi Steiner School, Victoria

Whole of school Main Lesson block: ‘The Joy of Being Me’


Ghilgai Steiner School lies on the Eastern fringes of Melbourne.  At the beginning of Term 3 students at Ghilgai were again ‘learning from home’ due to Covid lockdown restrictions. The school approached the first main lesson of the term a little differently and implemented a Whole School Main Lesson Block for 2 weeks.

Their aim was the provision of soul-nourishment for children and parents during this painful time.

In the words of the Ghilgai teachers:

Much uncertainty, fear, breakdown of regular lifestyle patterns, fragmented learning experiences. Losses – the warm guiding presence of beloved adults and friends in the peer group has been disrupted. ‘No touch’ limitations. The loss of regular arts/craft/music experiences that nourish and calm the soul.

‘Everyone’ comments on the roll-on effect of this pandemic on the inner life – especially of our children.

This Whole School Main Lesson Block of 2 weeks has the potential to warm the hearts of our children. It reminds each child of his/her beauty and worth, his place in his extended family, in his class. It lifts his gaze to the future – Who am I ? What are my gifts/strengths? Who can I become?