Glenaeon Class of 2019 in top 100 with a perfect score

MIDDLE COVE, SYDNEY –  Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School warmly congratulates the Class of 2019 on their excellent performance in the Higher School Certificate (HSC).

Head of School, Andrew Hill said, “As a proudly non-selective school, Glenaeon celebrates the HSC results of all our students, and I was deeply impressed by our 2019 cohort’s hard work and commitment to their studies.”

“The results are a testament to the work of our students and their dedicated teachers who together have built an exciting and challenging learning community that will inspire our students to be lifelong learners.”

Glenaeon does not figure in The Sydney Morning Herald HSC results list as the SMH Honour Roll has a cut off of 150 papers sat (‘entries’) by the HSC cohort. Glenaeon delivered 134 papers to 26 Year 12 students, and six accelerated Year 11 students.

This 2019 result places Glenaeon at the equivalent of 72nd in the state, based on ranks of schools with the same success rate. It’s an impressive academic result and means the school maintain its place in the top 100 schools (top 10%) in NSW.

2019 HSC Glenaeon highlights include:

  • Bryn Arnold achieved a perfect score of 50/50 in Music Extension, and Schuyler Boe achieved 97% in Music 1
  • A total of 20.14% of results were Band 6 or equivalent i.e. above 90%
  • A total of 72% of all results were in the two highest Bands (5&6) with marks above 80%
  • In English Advanced and Mathematics (Advanced) the proportion in the top two Bands was 84% and 87% respectively
  • In Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Modern History, History Extension and Music 2, 100% of students were in the top two Bands
  • In Mathematics (Advanced) nine (9) out of 16 students achieved Band 6, a success rate of 56%. Six of these students were accelerated Year 11 students

17 Glenaeon students achieved Honour Roll top-band (Band 6 / E4) results:

  • Bryn Arnold – Mathematics Standard 2, Music 2, Music Extension (achieving a perfect score)
  • Jeremy Bacon – Mathematics (accelerated Year 11 student)
  • Zak Bettman – Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2 (E3 – notional Band 6 in Mathematics), Modern History 
  • Schuyler Boe – Music 1
  • Chiara Candotti – Mathematics (accelerated Year 11 student)
  • Charlotte Gorman – Ancient History, English Advanced
  • Naomi Hicks – English Advanced, Mathematics, Music 2
  • Alina Hutton – Design and Technology
  • Joseph McCormick – Mathematics (accelerated Year 11 student)
  • Nicholas Peters – Mathematics
  • Natasha Petit – English Advanced, Visual Arts (previously attained in 2018: Music 2, Music Extension)
  • Minghui Sun – Design and Technology, Mathematics
  • Justin Takayasu – Mathematics (accelerated Year 11 student)
  • Taro Tomishima – Mathematics (accelerated Year 11 student)
  • Keaun Wild – Mathematics (accelerated Year 11 student) 
  • Thomas Williams – Ancient History, Modern History
  • Yuhao Zhang – Mathematics Extension 2 (E3 – notional Band 6 in Mathematics)

Hill continued, “I thank the parents of our Year 12 students for their support and unstinting care for their children, particularly over this past year. It has been a pleasure to work with you in achieving such an outstanding result.

“I also thank our dedicated teachers for their tremendous efforts in nourishing our students with stimulating and challenging lesson content and study support throughout the year. Our teachers have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their efforts and I am very proud of them all. 

“We send the HSC Class of 2019 forth in freedom, and wish them all success as they pursue their individual pathways and meaningful lives.”

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