Glenaeon: Home Garden Project

Glenaeon rudolf steiner school: Class 6 Home Garden Project

During Term 2 Class 6 students will be responsible for starting and managing a home garden project. Gardening Teacher Kathy Thangathurai surveyed all Class 6 students about their gardens at home and prepared tailored take-home seeds, seedlings and a Gardening Journal. 

It is an opportunity for them to put the gardening skills they have acquired over the years in our school garden to work. They will cultivate edible plants their family, as well as some to support our insects and bees. They will be required to maintain a Garden Journal for the duration of this project.

This week, Kathy has been distributing Red Drumhead Cabbage, Ruby Red Chard, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Red Russian Kale and Chinese Broccoli/Kai Lan to add to their gardens!

They have also been searching for examples of ‘Fabulous Funghi’ in their own gardens and local neighbourhood.