Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School: Alumni Angelina Meany

Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

Alumni Angelina Meany – Production Designer & Artist

Glenaeon Class of 2018 student Angelina Meany is making waves in the world of Production Designer and Artistry. We had a chat with the recent NIDA graduate to discuss how her days at Glenaeon shaped her career path and what she’s up to now. Congratulations and thank you to Angelina!

What’s your fondest memory at Glenaeon?

I have so many fond memories from Glenaeon. Having a small year group allowed me to engage with everyone much more closely and experience a more mentorship style of learning where I truly felt every teacher was invested in the individual’s personal success. They created an incredible support network who believed in my potential, and even now are still invested in what I am doing and come to see shows I have designed. Going to a school in the middle of a forest is a remarkable privilege, and being encouraged to engage with this regularly through bush walks and camping was so enriching to my art and personal growth. Memories from our camps are something I think I will value my entire life. As someone who is more introverted and studio work focused, these really took me outside of my comfort zone in the best way, pushing me to be more ambitious and adventurous across everything I do. The Year 10 Tasmania trip in particular shocked me by what I was capable of, as I chose to do the South Coast track purely to give myself the biggest challenge and make the most of a very rare and valuable opportunity.

What do you believe your education at Glenaeon did for you, both personally and for your career pursuits?

I was incredibly fortunate to have a Steiner school education in Canberra since kindergarten and attend Glenaeon from class 4. I believe the integration of art and storytelling across every subject in primary and high school ignited my creative passion both as an individual and in my professional career. I was a student who spent hours drawing borders and imagery in my Main Lesson books, no matter if it was focused on science, math or history. This way of visual learning, that all my teachers and the broader community supported, allowed me to know the importance of art and project-based learning, which I still very much use today. The hand-made, hands-on and problem-solving approach that was across my whole education provided me with fundamental skills and confidence to give everything a go, especially for things outside of my comfort zone.

What are you doing currently and what’s in store for the future?

At the start of 2022 I graduated NIDA with a BFA in Design for Performance. Since then I have been working in theatre and film as a set and costume designer on a broad range of projects in Sydney. I also work on my own studio projects in miniature models, story illustration and fine artworks which I am broadening into commission work.

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