Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School: HSC Artworks

Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School

HSC Artworks on display at the Concourse in Chatswood

Smart Expressions 2021 is an exhibition of HSC artworks on display from 3-28 March at Art Space on The Concourse in Chatswood. 23 HSC student artists have work on display including five Glenaeon students/alumni.

  • Elicia Ferguson, Shades of Orange
  • Kauri Palmer, απομεινάρι (apomeinári) (Remnant)
  • Max Perkins, Manūs Vitam Enarrant (Our Hands Tell Our Story)
  • Laila Ree, Black Land Matters
  • Emi Takahashi-Beer, Bagi & Bugi
Kauri Palmer

Congratulations to these students, and congratulations to all the HSC Art Students of 2020.  To accompany the exhibition the students were also interviewed about their experience in the particularly challenging year of 2020.  The students selected, created very diverse and conceptual works that represented their interest or passion over the course of their final year of study.  Laila’s work of enamelled sculptural puzzle pieces were a statement on the urgent need for recognition of First Nation Peoples and to build a connection as a way forward to heal the land of which we inhabit. Emi investigated the cycle of life and the inter-relationship between humanity and nature, Kauri developed an interpretation of the concept of remnants and what we leave behind as we live and die.  The impact of war and displacement was the theme for Elicia’s series of large scale paintings while Max looked at the gesture of the hand as a tell-tale sign of a life lived. 

Emi Takahashi-Beer

In addition, Lone, Kauri and Max were preselected for Art Express. Also to be acknowledged, Aya’s emotive charcoal drawing was selected to be the cover of the 2021 Glenaeon student diary. All 11 students, including Zebedee, Myah, Jasmine and Alani, worked deeply into their practice and resolved their concepts to a very high standard they can feel very proud of.  We congratulate the Visual Arts 2020 cohort on their achievements and wish them well in their future endeavours.

For exhibition times and details or to view the Smart Expressions 2021 catalogue go to: