Great news for people looking to become Steiner teachers


It’s always heart-warming when we hear how our graduates are getting on. Well, the Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education (DEO3) cohort of 2019 have broken all previous year’s records in terms of securing paid work in a Steiner school with 100% positive outcomes! All students are now employed!

This is Bianca’s Story.

When I moved to Brisbane from NSW in early 2017 after 5 years of teaching in mainstream classroom settings, I pursued Steiner Education to deepen my pedagogy as a teacher.

I didn’t believe mainstream teaching provided enough nourishment for myself or the children in my care, however I didn’t want this feeling to dampen my passion or desire to teach, I just knew I had to redirect myself and find another pathway.

I enrolled in my Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education through the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College and never looked back. Since embarking on my new studies, I have been inspired by the countless connections I’ve made with like-minded teachers and mentors and the creativity which has been sparked inside me.

It took me 3 years of part time study to complete the Certificate, whilst working full time in a mainstream preschool (taking a break from primary school teaching whilst studying). This is because I completed a year of the Foundations course in 2017, then my second year of the Certificate in 2019. Towards the end of my Certificate course, with all the wisdom I had gained, I knew it was time to leave the security of my full time preschool job, completely trust my intuition and throw caution to the wind, to hope to win a chance to gain an internship at the nearest, and only Steiner School in my city.

So, I organised a meeting at the school and walked in hoping to get some volunteer work, and walked out with new employee forms for relief work!

A few months later I was lucky enough to apply for the position as a Class One 2020 teacher and I was successful. Its been such a rich and rewarding journey thus far, with the real journey now just beginning. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to guide, support but also learn and grow with a group of young learners through their primary school experience.

I can say for certainty that undertaking the Foundations and Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education gave me so much understanding and depth to my knowledge. The modules I undertook included Introduction to Anthroposophy, Singing, Music, Painting and Drawing, Inner Development, Steiner Education/Advanced Curriculum studies, Speech and Drama, Clay and Eurythmy. I found Goethean Science and Evolution of Human Consciousness (second year subjects) deeply fascinating and added another layer of depth to my learning.

As a teacher, I was always driven by the concept of showing learners where to look, but not what to see. I feel this is truly what the Steiner education system embodies. Teaching through loving authority suits my style so much and I am beyond grateful for the course I invested in and the learning and wisdom I acquired as a result‘.

Thanks Bianca and congratulations!

Story by Bianca and Emilia Salgado (Education Co-ordinator, Sydney Rudolf Steiner College)

For more information about Sydney Rudolf Steiner College and their 2020 courses please have a look at their website