The S series The S series

Imagination through a Steiner lens

SEA is excited to be involved with the learning platform, which offers imagination and visual learning modules to develop imagination, critical and creative thinking.

As a result of collaboration with the platform creator and designer Kelly-Ann Denton, we are excited to announce that the  S-Series of modules – Imagination through a Steiner lens – are now available on the platform! We thank Dr Bronwen Haralambous for her amazing work in creating this online Steiner-based course for all teachers, teachers new to Steiner education and experienced Steiner teachers alike. It will also interest home schooling parents who would like to delve more deeply into one of the foundational aspects of Steiner education.

It is so important, as teachers, to value the conscious development of imaginative capacity in young people and in themselves.  Imagination – as a heightened form of cognition, as another way of knowing – is capable of transforming knowledge and skills to be learned into enhanced experiences. This promotes creativity in thinking and a deep and meaningful relationship to learning itself. It is what needs to be valued above all else to educate our young people for a complex future.  

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