Kindlehill School: New Kindy Doors

Kindlehill School

New Kindy Doors

The Kindlehill School Kindergarten had new doors installed over the break, handcrafted by Reuben Daniel. Reuben worked with Master Craftsman Matt Fenn on the internal post and beam timber framing when the kindy was under construction.  It was this experience that inspired Reuben to the trade of handcrafted furniture making. The doors are in a sense a completion of this early project when the design for them was seeded.

The frame is made from NSW Blackbutt. The tree and sun are Tasmanian Blackwood. It is a lovely thing that our school can continue its tradition of being handmade with love!  We honour the life of the trees, the crafting process and the welcoming of the little children now and to come.

Reuben was educated in Steiner Schools, first in Western Australia and then in NSW.