Kindlehill School: Year 11 and 12, 2024

Kindlehill School

Year 11 and 12, 2024

Kindlehill has NESA registration for Years 11 – 12 from 2024. We are inviting expressions of interest for Buran Nalgarra, a Senior School program with an ecological and social focus. This will be a genuine alternative to the HSC pathway and specifically addresses the eco-social crises that are very much part of our lives and time. Scholarships are available.

Buran Nalgarra essentially means, strength and learning through togetherness. Buran is the Stringybark, strands twisted together provide a strong and resilient twine. Learning through collaborative engagement in the community, action researching on Problems that Matter such as how we are addressing climate change in our region, are a feature of the program. The arts and nature journeys are also integral.

For more information contact Lynn Daniel, [email protected]