Kindlehill Steiner School: Buran Nalgarra New Senior High School program 2024

Kindlehill Steiner School

Buran Nalgarra – New Senior High School program 2024

Year 11 of Kindlehill’s innovative Senior High School program, Buran Nalgarra is set to begin at the start of 2024. Currently we are seeking expressions of interest and enrolments, with a generous scholarship incentive, to encourage young people to try something very different to the usual, and to ensure all who are interested can participate.

We have attached the Prospectus and also a link to the film, A Murmuration. These are significant ways to help people understand what Buran Nalgarra is, why it’s important and how it will transform engagement with meaningful learning for young people in their senior studies. If you are an academic in the field of education or social change, we think the information provided in the prospectus and the film, may also be wonderful resources for your students.

A Murmuration – the Director’s cut 

One of the highlights of the March launch of our Senior High School program Buran Nalgarra – Strength and Learning Through Togetherness and our documentary, A Murmuration, was the centering of students’ voices. Michael Joy has filmed an interview with Guinnie Randall, the student who spoke so beautifully on the night, and she now features in a new edit of the film. Once we were back in the edit suite, it was impossible to resist the opportunity to tweak a few other elements too. We are thrilled with the final cut and are in the process of pitching the film to SBS and ABC for acquisition. It is a story we want to share widely, and, in that spirit, we invite you to watch and share the new edit:

NESA Registration  and Prospectus

We are also delighted to announce that we have  NESA registration to commence our Year 11 class in 2024. It’s happening… Buran Nalgarra is live! Attached is our prospectus for Year 11 and 12 – we invite you to share this with the young people in your lives, parents looking for a 21st century alternative for senior high school education, and colleagues who may be interested in participating in our community collaborations.   

Senior School Prospectus – 13