Kindlehill Steiner School: Primary Home Learning

Kindlehill Steiner School: Primary Home Learning

Kindlehill at Home in the Kindy and Primary School

Much of the work of the Kindlehill curriculum is warmly held by the relationship between the teacher and student. It is also enlivened by the interaction between students in the classroom. With the current Covid19 environment one of the key questions we have asked ourselves is “How to can we create a Kindlehill learning experience for our students at home?” In the primary school we were firmly of the belief that online learning would not be nurturing those relationships which are so key to our learning.

Teachers took on the task of creating learning packs that enable our students to access learning across the three lessons of our days. Our morning lesson, accompanied by an audio version of the story. Our middle lessons allow for an artistic experience, music, or Japanese and literacy and numeracy practice for the older classes. And the afternoon lesson involves handcrafts, gardening and physical activity. Every Monday ‘Kindlehill at Home’ learning packs adorn our front fence ready for contactless collection. One of our key successes has been keeping the ‘voice’, in a metaphorical sense, of each teacher running through every lesson. When a child receives their learning pack they feel that it is a personal gift from their class teacher – just as learning is every day at school. A comment from one of our parents reflects this:

With three children in the lower primary I’ve felt honoured to receive lovingly compiled home packages, filled with treasured songs, verses and stories from the heart; works teachers have developed over years in their profession.

It’s been a beautiful insight into the daily riches the children are enveloped in. We’ve all enjoyed the interesting, humorous and caring voices of the teachers reaching our home.”

Now we at Kindlehill are firmly of the opinion that every cloud has a silver lining and that our time of “Kindlehill at Home” although challenging in many ways is an exciting adventure in the life of the school. Having said that, the teachers cannot wait for the time when they can welcome all students back to school.