Kindlehill Steiner School: Spring Celebration

Kindlehill Steiner School

Spring Celebration

We began our Spring Celebration with a hive of activity. Teams of children and young people working throughout our school gardens; weeding, mulching, planting, composting and stirring the biodynamic preparations.

We then gathered around a small fire to acknowledge the ancestors, the elementals, and custodians of this land past and present, humming a beautiful song of healing given by Uncle Guboo, Ted Thomas. We took off our shoes to greet Mother Earth with our bare feet, to feel what it is to tread lightly, acknowledging also that we do so on land that was never ceded. We then walked the Spring Labyrinth, feeling ourselves connected to the rising and renewing forces that we call Spring.

Leaving the Labyrinth, we took up small vessels filled with the wise and enlivening biodynamic preparation. We flicked with our fingers on soil, leaf, blossom, compost, Grandfather Apple Tree and the row of beans outside the kitchen. Our laughter and wellbeing also splashing our brothers and sisters, the plants and trees. Currawong called. It sounded like a greeting, a welcoming home.