Kindlehill Steiner School: Term 4 in the Kindy Garden

Kindlehill Steiner School

Term 4 in the Kindy Garden

As I have been in Kindy throughout the week, I was gifted with such beauty and scent from the Kindy Garden. I could actually hear the bees humming as I walked through the gate and Grandfather Apple Tree had laid out a soft blanket on the path. I couldn’t help but kick my shoes off and feel those petals beneath my feet. The flowers that we have fed and cared for have exploded with colour and the veggie garden stands over my head!

It makes me think of these beautiful children that stand before us. We feed them, love them and tend to them as we do the garden, and they grow tall and strong and bloom just like our flowers. Every year I feel it is such an honour to watch this occur in our Kindy Garden. I have watched the children grow and explore our Kindy home.

Some came to me with tears or worry, my shy violets, others bounded through the gate like the bold daisy, and others drifted through, moving softly and dreamily like the cherry blossom. Throughout the year, each of these children has helped create a spectacular garden and I truly cherish it.

What a strange year it has been, and how it has flown by after losing almost an entire term together. I am so excited to say that this term is looking to be sunny, happy, full of play and with less restrictions.

We will be a busy hive this term. We will be joining Jo Clancy from Wagana Aboriginal Dancers for a class each week, as well as joining Aunty Corina for a weekly lesson exploring the Darug language and culture.

From week 2 we will be walking to the lake each Tuesday and of course we will continue to paint, bake, garden, sing and share stories throughout the term.

Kirsty Edwards
Kindy Garden Teacher