Leaning Tree Steiner School @ Home

Leaning Tree Steiner School @ Home

Here is another story from a Leaning Tree family:

Hi Everyone,

Mum and Dad cleaned up our study last night so it can be more comfortable for us to do our school from home.

We miss everyone so much, but learning at home can be fun also!  We have been looking after our baby brother too.  I have been learning how to make his milk, Mum has been teaching me the measurements of how many ml’s of water to how many scoops of milk.

This is our ‘Huriyat’ Room.  Huriyat means Freedom in Arabic.  We get to do our school at home in this room.  We also can dance, sing and pray.  We love this room so much more now.

We hope everyone is doing well.  And hope to see everyone again soon.

Lots of love,

A LTSS Family