Leaning Tree Steiner School @ Home

Leaning Tree Steiner School @ Home: Facebook postcard

Here is a story from a Leaning Tree Steiner School family:

Hello LTSS

We are doing really well and Miss L loves it.  She helped to set up the Aloha Room!  We have got a salt candle and essential oils diffuser to set the mood for the day.

We are following the time schedule of Bundurra Durra Room at home and the teacher has sent home a beautiful school package.  I write down in a diary what we did for school with little notes at the end of the day and send them through to the teacher.  For spelling, we will start writing letters to friends.

Its a time full of joy and wonder.  Actually, my recorder experience (from 50 years ago) comes back in my mind.  We are practising ‘Ode to Joy’ with two voices, This song has become the hymn for all Germans in lockdown at the moment, playing from their balconies every Sunday night.

Other students of the Aloha room are Esmeralda (the Unicorn) and Eddie the dog.  We had to send Eddie yesterday to the office because she didn’t keep to the routine (barking!).

We love our classroom and looking forward to it every day in these difficult times.

Best Wishes

Mum & Miss & Eddie and Esmeralda