Linuwel School: William awarded Queen’s Scout Award

Linuwel School

William awarded Queen’s Scout Award

Last year, William Thorvaldson gained his Queen’s Scout award while in year 12 at Linuwel School.  On the 24th July this year he will be formally awarded in a ceremony at Government house. 

The Queen’s Scout award is the highest award that can be achieved in Scouts at the Venturer level.

To achieve this prestigious award a Venturer Scout must be able to set a goal; plan progress towards that goal; organise their self and others; and maintain the determination to overcome difficulties and complete the task. They must also have achieved the Venturing Skills Award and complete the requirements in four award areas:

  1. Adventurous Activities – demonstrates that the Venturer Scout is challenged in initiative, expeditions and outdoor adventures.

  2. Community Involvement – activities centred on citizenship, community service and caring for the environment.

  3. Leadership Development – involvement in Unit management and leadership courses and studying different vocations.

  4. Personal Growth – self-development through expressions, ideals, mental pursuits and personal lifestyle.

The photo was taken at the local award ceremony held at the end of last year and includes three generations involved in scouting: William’s grandfather Sven Thorvaldson, William’s father (Kristoffer) Tom Thorvaldson, who is a Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School Alumni, and William.