Linuwel School: Year 10 student exchange

Linuwel School

Year 10 student exchange

When overseas school exchanges are out of the question…

Trading Places: Class 10 Students, Elanta Cole (Tarremah, TAS) and Lachlan Grech (Linuwel) Swapped Lives for a Term

Unknown to each other, Elanta and Lachlan had each determined that they would like to experience an exchange during class 10. 

Elanta was proactive in writing to Linwuel expressing her interest in an exchange. Lachlan, and his family, were quick to respond with enthusiasm to Elanta’s inquiry. A phone call, with all family members on speaker phone, sealed the deal. Organising the logistics for the exchange was the easy part.

The challenge for both students was settling into their new environment, family, school, and peer group. They were extraordinarily brave, stepping out of their comfort zones, adapting to new situations, and expanding their perspectives of life. They each demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills and adapted quickly to changing situations. New friendships were made and a lifelong connection to their host families was forged.