Little Yarra Steiner School: Bach’s St John Passion

Little Yarra Steiner School

Performance of Bach’s St John Passion

Little Yarra Steiner School have come to the final week of their preparation for the performance of Bach’s St John Passion. Staff and students will pour many hours of effort into rehearsals this week, and a beautiful mood of reverent engagement begins to pervade the high school. Working so hard to present such a challenging piece as a gift to the community is an experience that our students are fortunate to have, quite apart from the substantial benefit to their musical and overall educational journey here. The number of past students who fondly remember the Bach and willingly return to participate is testament to their sense of the significance of this.

We look forward to welcoming you all to share this year’s offering with us this Thursday. There will be a shorter matinee performance in the afternoon and a main performance in the evening. Once again, the matinee will be structured specifically for families with younger children. We are striving to create a deeply reverent atmosphere for the evening, and have invited Lisa Devine to present an Easter picture to set the tone for the performance.